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We consult in technology management. innovation management, knowledge management, strategic planning, policy development, evaluation and future thinking. Normally the consulting project contains more than one of these elements. Typical consulting projects involve:

Strategic planning and facilitation - these sessions are facilitated by the TechnoScene consultant and the strategic outcomes are documented to be used as input into the client strategic planning exercise

Reviews and evaluation of strategic impacts - these pojects are carried out in a broad consultative approach and impacts are measured against predetermined criteria that are developed with the client

Policy development - this activity is mainly for government clients and it relates to long term startegies and policies that emerge from them

Technology surveys - these surveys are done in technology-specific business areas and involve identification of emerging technologies and strategies of becoming involved in them

Market analysis - markets for new technologies, products and services are analysed and clients are advised on feasibility of entering these markets

Future Thinking facilitation and future studies - this work entails a positioning of the client business into a probable future environment of how we will live, play, work and transact.It is based on understanding the impact of emerging technologies, the behaviour of people and large events

Multi-client studies - We conduct studies in the open innovation and precompetitive regime on topics that we or our clients suggest. The studies are then open access to subscribers.

Presentations, lecturing and teaching - this involves guest lecturing, keynote presentations, breakfast meetings, specialised and customised workshops and thought leadership discussions

How to engage us: Contact us if you have a requirement for any of the above services and we will plan a solution that fits your specific environment with you and provide you with a proposal that contains a problem statement, a scoping of the project, methodology and approach, time lines and a quote.

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Event management

Let us be your partner in event management

TechnoScene specialises in conference, workshop and function design, planning, management and organisation, with the aim of providing the client with a one-stop solution. We consult with the client on the best approaches to designing a particular event, do the venue selection with the client and take responsibility for liaising with clients, delegates, outsourced service providers to the events and manage all financial aspects around the event. Combined with its business consulting TechnoScene, has offered high level international conferences, workshops, think tanks, exhibitions and scenario and strategy planning sessions for a host of clients ranging from international and national professional societies, companies, government institutions and its own initiated events. 

We offer to manage the following events:Conferences; Workshops; Think tanks; Strategy sessions; Bosberade/Lekgotlas/Indabas; Exhibitions imbedded in conferences

Our services include:Event  planning and design; Venue scoping, selection and management; Event marketing; Event management; Sponsor management; Delegate programmes; Event documentation; Financial management of events; International bid preparation; Outsourcing of travel and tour arrangements; Outsourcing of transport; Offering of functions and entertainment; Branding and theme selection; Provision of masters of ceremony

Strategic Workshops

We also provide full workshop support, where innovative styles are used for knowledge transfer. Our focus is on short public or in-house workshops, where a topic of strategic business or technology concern is debated. These events comprise of delegate participation in discussions under strong facilitation by a TechnoScene facilitator.  Clear objectives are set for the event, and outcomes are documented in a report for the clients.

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New Consulting Product: Future Thinking and Future Readiness

Strategic planning has become part of executive responsibility in organisations on a global scale, but very few executives and managers are ready for imagining the future. The future lies beyond strategy and Future Thinking shapes the landscape on which to navigate the management of the enterprises of tomorrow. The future is not predictable; neither is it pre-determined. This opens the possibility of designing a desired future by being able to project one’s thoughts ahead and experience what could be. 

We have developed an approach based on a Future Thinking Space spanned by emerging (often disruptive technologies), the behaviour of people (in the marketplace and the work space) and events (geopolitical, natural, economic, an others).  By “spinning” this technology-behaviour-events triangle, inter-parameter impact phenomena are revealed and a "Future Thinking Lens" lens is formed. As the parameters of technology, behaviour and events are moved through space and time, they influence each other and reveal likely impacts that can be addressed by strategic interventions. The view that emerges, provides a holistic context to existing futures research and foresight tools. Future Thinking adopts many principles of systems thinking and takes us out of the ordered world of known and discoverable regimes into the unordered world of complexity.

Thus far, no systematic way of measuring future readiness in organisations was available, as there has been for Technology Readiness Levels and Manufacturing Readiness Levels. It has been very difficult to identify what aspects of the organisation to manage towards future market leadership and competitiveness. Following on Future Thinking, we have now developed a Future Readiness Levels and Future Readiness Index metric to quantify the state of future readiness and to be used as a benchmark for improving strategies for future operation.

We offer a structured approach where client organisations are coached to influence their own futures and to measure how they are getting there. Our role is that of a catalyst, taking clients through the experience of setting up a Future Thinking framework in their organisations, constructing the Future Thinking Lens, imagining the future for their organisations, doing Future Readiness Levels audits and assessments, calculate a Future Readiness Index to use as strategic benchmark and to develop strategic interventions to approach the future without fear.